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BlueShield is a full service, DCJS licensed, and insured Private Investigating business founded by retired law enforcement. The expertise and experience of our investigators ranges from a retired Crime Scene Investigator to a Forensics expert and published author. Each of our PI's brings their own unique qualifications to the table to benefit your case.

We offer a wide range of private investigating  options including Domestic, Corporate, and Specialty Services. When you need Private Investigators, we're here with the knowledge, expertise, experience, professionalism, and ethical standards to get the job done! Wherever you're located in Virginia, we can help you "Find the Truth".

To determine if hiring a private investigator is an avenue worth exploring in your life, the following article can help you make an educated decision:  http://www.pinow.com/investigations/domestic

If you are concerned about infidelity, you have come to the right placeBlueShield's private investigators have the skills and experience to find the truth you need! In such cases, a private investigator is essential. There are fragile emotions, lives, finances, property and most often and most important, children involved. An affair affects the entire family. If you suspect your partner may be having an affair, call us. We can help you find the truth.

Please view one of our four video reviews on YouTube! These reviews are from our actual client's testifying to the quality and/or outcome of the services we have provided for them. Click on the link below to view one now!


Our Domestic Services:

Rule #1 - If you intend to prove the affair, contact BlueShield before you inform your spouse that you're aware of what's going on. This prevents any change in behavior which would make it harder, hence more expensive, to prove.

We understand that the private detective services our clients require are crucial and sensitive. Our confidential services range from pre-marital to post-marital private investigations.

Some of the Domestic Private Investigation case types we handle:

  • **NEW SERVICE** - Polygraph Examination! This can be conducted in private right here in our office!

  • **NEW SERVICE** - Digital Forensics Examination! Cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktop!

  • **NEW SERVICE** - Alternative Light Source! Need to find the invisible? Prints, blood, bodily fluids?

  • Adultery / Infidelity - Is your partner committing Adultery? Do you know the signs of Infidelity?

  • Child Abuse & Neglect - Are your children at risk?

  • Child Custody - Is your child safe in the care of your Ex; her parents; his brother? ?

  • Skip Tracing - Does someone owe you money?

  • Debt Recovery - Has a court issued a judgment in your favor

  • Nanny Check - Are you confident of the background you have on your child's caregiver

  • Missing Persons - Are you looking for a runaway child or a person you used to know?

  • Internet Dating - There are a LOT of dangers out there. Do you know who you're really talking to?

  • Pre-Marital Investigations - Does your bretrothed have a criminal past? Another family?

  • Bug Sweeps (TSCM-Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) - Home and/or vehicle. Do you get the feeling you're being watched or followed?

  • Process Service - Do you need legal documents served to a spouse, former employer, witness or tenant

The private investigators at BlueShield use a variety of investigative methods to obtain information. Our methods range from the complex to the simple. Here are a few of the methods the private investigators at BlueShield use most often to find the truth:

  • Surveillance
  • ALS (Alternative Light Source)
  • Digital Forensics
  • Polygraph Exams
  • Information gathering
  • Court records searches
  • Lab analysis
  • Legal Process Service
  • Pretexts
  • Interviews

What are the signs of a cheating spouse? (click the link to learn more)

Contact us today so we can help you "Find the Truth"


or email: findthetruth@blueshieldpi.com

We also offer similar service to Commercial clients. We can verify a potential partner, vet your new hires, scan your office for listening devices, etc.

As a small businessperson,

you have no greater leverage than the truth"