What are the signs of a cheating spouse?

Why should I choose BlueShield?

Is Blueshield licensed and insured?

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

How long will my case take to complete?

How do I know when I need the services of a Private Investigator?

Will the investigation be kept confidential?

Will I be kept informed of the progress of the investigation?

What would facilitate a productive initial consultation with BlueShield?

Can BlueShield start an investigation after an over-the-phone consultation?

Rule #1 - If you intend to prove the affair, contact BlueShield before you inform your spouse that you're aware of what's going on. This prevents any change in behavior which would make it harder, hence more expensive, to prove.

What are the signs of a cheating spouse?

The top 10 indicators:
  • Working a lot of overtime not reflected in an increased paycheck
  • Excessive use of the internet and a deleted history
  • Additional unexplained mileage on the vehicle odometer
  • Talking about 'new' friends from the 'old' job
  • Smells of perfume or alcohol
  • Hiding the phone bill, bank or credit card statements
  • Purchase of a second cell phone
  • No longer interested in sex
  • No longer wearing a wedding ring
  • Saying things like "I need space" - asking for privacy

Other tips to consider: 
  • Did your partner recently join or change gyms, go on a diet or improve their physique
  • Have they purchased a new wardrobe, perfume or sexy underwear
  • Has to position of the passenger seat changed or have regularly carried items been placed in a different location (such as the car seat is in the trunk)
  • Is there a change in schedule, leaving or returning from work at a different time
  • Is your spouse questioning your schedule in an attempt to determine if they have spare time
  • Has your fidelity come into question
  • Are you recieving in influx of hang-ups or wrong numbers at home
  • Is your partner being protective over their cell phone
  • Is your spouse starting petty arguments and leaving home because of it

The list goes on. Should your intuition tell you something has changed or isn't right, listen. "When in doubt, check them out". For more information pertaining to the truth about deception: http://www.truthaboutdeception.com/cheating-and-infidelity/catch-a-cheating-spouse.html

How to determine a possible affair?

With such internet searches as 'how to cheat and get away with it' available to readers online, it's not always easy. People learn from others experiences how to cover their tracks. For an example of what's out there, choose the following link and read for yourself. http://www.affairhandbook.com/index.php/have-an-affair-without-getting-caught/

Review your finances. Look for an increase in ATM withdrawals, unexplained checks, bank balances, credit card charges to unfamiliar places. Monitor vehicle mileage or overtime income from claims of working late.

Look in your spouses purse or wallet or glovebox. Look for phone numbers, addresses, receipts or birth control or condoms. Pay attention to changes in dress, grooming, a new cologne or perfume or physical fitness. Tune in to the telephone. Watch for whispered phone calls around the house, or those that end quickly, or if you answer and are immediately hung up on. Monitior the cell phone. Watch for frequently dialed numbers, particularly right after leaving and just before arriving home. If you can get to the phone, look at text messages and emails.

(DO NOT PLACE RECORDING/SPY APPS ON YOUR SPOUSES PHONE. This is considered wiretapping and is illegal, even if the account is in your name). The same goes for GPS tracking. A spouse can be charged with stalking unless the person driving the tracked vehicle is aware that a GPS tracker has been placed on their vehicle. In Virginia, a Private Investigator can currently utilize this method to aid in our investigation so long as the name of the Client appears on the title.  

Why should I choose BlueShield Security & Investigations?

The BlueShield staff has over 60 years of investigative experience. At BlueShield, our professionalism and qualifications exceed other private investigation firms operating in the Northern Virginia area. We take pride in the work we perform and the services we provide to each of our individual and corporate clients.

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Is BlueShield licensed and insured?

BlueShield Security & Investigations, LLC is fully licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (VA DCJS) as a Private Security Services Business. Our Virginia DCJS license number is VA DCJS #11-9169. We are also fully insured, as required by Virginia law.

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What does it cost to hire a Private Investigator?

BlueShield examines each client's needs and requirements on a case-by-case basis. Initial consultations are always free and one fact is certain: BlueShield clients are always informed of every service rendered and every dollar spent. We have different pricing options available and prefer to review these with our clients after we have an understanding of how to best help them. We're in business for the right reasons and that is to help you find the truth, not to get rich doing it.

If a company quotes you a price without talking to you in depth first, you're probably going to be A) disappointed with the results or B) surprised with an invoice after it's over. 


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How long will my case take to complete?

Promising a predetermined turnaround time or selected case completion date before an in-depth consultation would be irresponsible, and nearly impossible in many instances. Clients can rest assured that their cases will be handled efficiently and effectively.

In the case of a background investigation for instance, as simple as it sounds, the time can vary depending on the depth and scope of the background being requested.


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How do I know when I need the services of a Private Investigator?

When you need an objective professional to gather and document facts to be used as evidence in a case, without bias, opinion, supposition or surmise, you need a Private Investigator. Hiring a Private Investigator is not unlike hiring a lawyer or other service professional.

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Will the investigation be kept confidential?

BlueShield Security & Investigations conducts all investigations professionally and with the utmost discretion to assure our clients complete confidentiality and case integrity.

Will I be kept informed of the progress of the investigation?

In most cases, yes. Occasionally, certain case information must be routed through an individual's attorney for ethical and legal purposes.

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What would facilitate a productive initial consultation?

In order to take full advantage of the free initial consultation, we recommend you bring any and all documents related to the issue to be discussed.

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Can an investigation begin after an over-the-phone consultation?

BlueShield Security & Investigations, LLC values the opportunity to serve each client to our own highest standards, and for that reason, we require a face-to-face meeting during the initial consultation, even if a phone interview has already been conducted. This requirement is excluded only in very unique situations.

Client + Private Investigator + Attorney = A Successful Case